located on the western coast of Australia in an area that begins at Cape Range and ends at Shark Bay. It is widely known for the fact that it has a large reef just offshore that is unique and cannot be found at other dive sites. This characteristic is what attracts most of the divers who come to the reef, although there are other characteristics that make the area become a very interesting and attractive area for not only divers in general.

The main and most popular diving activities that visitors could discover in Ningaloo are concentrated in the Coral Bay and Exmouth area. Coral Bay and Exmouth are two towns in Ningaloo that are separated by a distance of about 100 kilometers and where visitors can choose from a wide variety of accommodation facilities.

The ideal season for visitors in general and especially for divers to go to Ningaloo is between May and February, although it is recommended that divers learn more about each season and find the most suitable time for them. Although this area is beautiful throughout the year, there may be some variations in the underwater environment that a diver could enjoy in one season and another that could be enjoyed in another, and the visitor chooses the season that best suits them. your preferences.

Ningaloo’s waters include more than 460 different species of reef fish, a number difficult to find in other dive destinations. Considering this variety of fish, divers could also enjoy a wide variety of vegetation and sea creatures, as well as several different species of coral, some of which are very colorful and interesting.

A great destination where divers going to the Ningaloo area should not miss is Kangaroo Island. This island is ideal for those divers who like cold water diving and who want to meet unique underwater creatures. The waters of Kangaroo Island contain sea dragons, as well as beautiful reefs filled with beautiful vegetation.

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